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Bird Baths

White Dove Ceramic Bird Bath - $159.00

Glossy in design, this bird bath will stand out as outdoor decor. Vibrant in color, the ceramic construction makes this bird bath stable as well as resistant in outdoor conditions. A lovely bird bath to own!

Artistic Green Ceramic Bird Bath - $174.00

The bird bath bowl is sloped to provide the birds with varying water depths to enjoy. The thin rim around the bowl gives birds plenty of places to perch and dry off, and the glossy ceramic construction of this bird bath makes it attractive in any garden setting.

Bird Bath Leaf Gnome - $54.00

This Gnome is so excited to make feathery friends! This adorable little buddy is holding a leaf that can hold bird seed or water for his new acquaintances. He can't wait until he meets some new birds to make happy! Give the birds in your yard a unique little friend with the Bird Bath Leaf Gnome.

Frog Holding Leaf Birdbath - $109.95

Add this whimsical designed birdbath to your garden to spruce it up and add a touch of charm. A wonderful birdbath to place in your garden or by your patio area, watch as multiple kinds of birds grace your birdbath. The Frog Holding Leaf Birdbath is a gorgeous, easy way to go bird watching! Features: -- 1 year warranty -- Perfect depth for birds with convenient perching surfaces

Outdoor Classics Fairy Shell on Pedestal Fountain - $399.00

Alpine Three Tier Fountain Birdbath - Bronze - $69.95

A beautiful small birdbath fountain that will accent any flower bed and keep water moving and creating water sounds. The birds will love the water moving and you will enjoy the water sounds as water falls from tier to tier into the basin. The durable resin material will withstand the harshest temperatures so you can the enjoy. Features of the Three Tier Fountain by Alpine: -- 36"H x 20"D x 20"W -- Finish: Bronze -- Pump and all necessary parts included -- 1 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty

Outdoor Classics Gardens Solar on Demand Two Tiered Birdbath Fountain - $239.00

In a sleek, black style, water shoots out of the top tier in a magnificent jet. As the top tier fills with water, it overflows into the bottom tier through four channels, giving it a symmetrical look and a consistent water sound which will attract birds. Made from a durable yet lightweight polyresin material, this fountain is easy to own and very durable in outdoor conditions. Features: -- Dimensions: 21.2"W x 21.2"L x 29.6"H, 22 lbs -- Durable Polyresin to withstand any weather conditions. -- 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. -- 50 GPH Solar pump and panel with 9'-8"' cable included. 1/4" ID Hose connection. -- The solar pump comes with a 9'-8" cord, so the solar panel can be place almost 10' away from the fountain, thus allowing you to have maximum sunlight on the solar panel. -- Utilize the on/off switch on the panel to use the battery back up when you wish Solar Pump and Panel Instructions. The OFF position will allow the pump to run as long as the solar panel has direct sunlight. This also allows for the battery pack in the solar panel to be recharged via solar energy. In times when your solar panel does not have direct sunlight, you can simply push button to ON. If fully charged, the batteries will power the fountain for up to 4 hours. If the button is left ON in direct sunlight the sunlight WILL power the pump AND recharge the battery, this will allow the fountain to run even if a cloud blocks the sun. NOTE: If fountain runs while charging it may never reach full charge.


Bird Baths
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