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Exercise Equipment

Fitness Republic Performance Circuit Training DVD (Fitness DVD) - $6.99

Most of the beginners fear injury or question their workout routines. Am I doing it right? Will this routine aid my fitness? Am I maintaining the correct posture? "Performance Circuit Training DVD" is the best, flexible approach when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Its focus is directed towards helping you maintain the proper posture and avoid injuries. In this circuit training DVD Geoff Girvitz, who is a certified personal trainer and also the director of Bang Fitness, leads you through two of the most individual dynamic circuits which will help you improve your posture, core strength and overall body composition while conditioning and toning the key muscle groups. Following the instructions on this circuit training DVD requires only a handful of equipments and fitness tools such as hand weights, resistance bands and a stability ball. Dynamic warm-ups and exercises are presented in a variety of difficulty levels which allows progress. By completing the circuit sessions you can create a unique workout that will make your fitness routine interesting and fun. This truly is a great and motivational way to help you get involved in your circuit training workout sessions. For more information on our instructor please read 'meet your instructor.'

Fitness Republic Yogalates DVD, Combination of Yoga and Pilates (Fitness DVDs) - $6.99

In this modern world of ours most people practice and are in favor of the new methods and workout routines. They think these Pilates workout sessions are more effective and give results much quicker, but then there are also those who don't seem to agree with this thesis. Some believe the ancient art of yoga does more than any other workout session and believe that the peace of mind, body and soul is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle. We at fitness republic have the answer that satisfy's everyone's needs."Yogalates" is a unique combination of modern techniques that comprises the use of Pilates with traditional yoga. The yogalates DVD will help you sculpt a long and lean body leaving you with calm, balanced and a complete feeling. Led by certified yoga and Pilate's instructor Nicole Kantas, the yogalates DVD has instructions that focus on a series of poses that will help you stretch and strengthen your core muscles, support the spine and abdomen, while providing a complete full body workout routine. In this yogalates DVD Poses are customized for beginner and advanced students separately. Perform the segments as individual workouts or mix and match them to create your own personalized program. Best of all, you can enjoy your workout in the comfort of your own time and space.

Fitness Republic Yoga For You DVD, Complete Yoga Workout and Tips (Fitness DVDs) - $6.99

Inquiring about yoga? Are you aware of all its benefits and planning to start? Do you want that peace in mind with a flexible body? Do you want to avail all the health, physiological and psychological benefits of yoga? We've made yoga personal, only for you in our "Yoga for You DVD". This beginner yoga DVD is an introductory journey into this ancient practice revealing all of its beneficial secrets. There is a lot to yoga you didn't know about. Instructions and routines are led by our certified yoga instructor Cynthia Funk makes it the best yoga DVD available in the market. For more inquiries about our instructor and her work on this yoga DVD please read 'meet your instructor'.Now you can enjoy the rich benefits of yoga for mind and body with this balanced and restorative practice suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Experience peacefulness and relaxation as you learn basic yoga poses that will help improve your posture, flexibility and range of motion. Build your core strength and endurance with Cynthia's very easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Now this truly is yoga for you.

Fitness Republic Plyo Power DVD (Fitness DVD) - $6.99

Fitness Republic is proud to bring you our latest workout video. Plyo Power hosted by Heather Barnes, a professional trainer, gymnast and athlete. You’ll jump harder, run faster and notice the results immediately. Plyometrics is an advanced type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the function and responsiveness of your nerves and muscles.Benefits: Builds explosive strength, develops muscle power, joint protection, increases muscular endurance

Fitness Republic Cardio Kickboxing Workout DVD (Fitness DVD) - $6.99

Are you a fan of cardio kick boxing? Do you want to keep yourself healthy and fit? Is your workout routine not giving results due to lack of proper instructions? Fitness republic has combined all the answers to your problems in a simple solution Cardio kick boxing DVD, 'Cardio Kick box'. Cardio kick box is an innovative and exciting concept when it comes to high-energy fitness full of thrilling action and fun. The instructions are led by our fitness and martial arts expert Mr. Otis Henry, a black belt in kickboxing and Taekwondo. His methods and training will make you drip sweat as you perform punishing punches and killer kicks in this unique hybrid cardio kick boxing workout. Mr. Otis Henry has demonstrated how to improve your balance, agility, strength, endurance and self discipline giving you power and control over your body. Let Mr. Otis guide you through the art of kick boxing, from the beginning to very end. Still not impressed? Please read more about the instructor and his unique techniques in 'meet the instructor'. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this kick boxing DVD, buckle up and let Mr. Otis take you through the journey of cardio kick boxing

Fitness Republic Fitness Tubes Set [Heavy, Medium, Light Resistance] (Exercise Tube / Workout Tubes) - $20.99

The Fitness Republic Fitness Tubing Set comes with several levels of resistance and is a great addition to any fitness program. The resistance tubing is an effective, efficient fitness tool that can easily be used anywhere for instance in your gym, home or even in your office at any given time during the day. The main purpose of exercise tubing is strengthening and toning different parts of your body. These strength bands are versatile and affordable. Their light weight and portable size allow easy storage and access.The Fitness Republic's Fit Tube Set are equipped with padded rotator handles for maximum training comfort, and high quality foam handles for a better grip. When combined with other fitness equipment, like an exercise Stability Ball and Aerobic Step, the Fit Tubes can be used for rehabilitation and therapy training. Resistance tubing is used in resistance training for postural and muscle performance. These strength bands can be used for group exercises and personal training. Concise posture and stretching exercises can also be performed with the help of these. Other Benefits include building strong, lean muscles and joints, increased bone density and calorie burning.The Fitness Republic's Fit Tube Set comes in several levels of resistance to provide you with the option for progressive workouts. The fitness tubing set enables you to face a greater challenge every time you work out with these during your workout progress. Fitness tubing strength ranges from Light to X-Strong, which are indicated by the different colors. Progressive resistance levels make it suitable for most of the fitness routines. These strength bands are great because they are easy to put away and can easily be transported anywhere.


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