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Royal Star Magnolia Tree - $29.50

Flowering trees and shrubs are a welcome addition to any garden, providing both color and – often – a vertical element to your design. There’s a wide range of species to choose from but, for many years now, the magnolia family has been one of the most popular choices. It’s a large family with hundreds of varieties, so there’s a magnolia to suit almost every situation. If you’re looking for one that will grow to a good size and put on an impressive floral display every spring, the “Royal Star” variety of Magnolia stellata could be exactly what you need. Large enough to have a commanding presence but still practical for most suburban gardens, Royal Star will brighten your outdoor space with both flowers and foliage.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Tree Form - $64.50

Chamaecyparis obtuse, “Nana Gracilis” more commonly known as the hinoki cypress, is an astonishing slow growing Japanese conifer with characteristics unlike any other tree or shrub. Whether you are looking to plant trees that tower above your natural landscape, or smaller dwarf varieties that blend in with their surroundings, they can bring with them more than just visual appeal. Trees provide shade on hot summer days as well as reduce the blustery cold winds of winter. Not only do they protect you against the elements, they benefit the natural environment by reducing greenhouse gases as well as producing oxygen. Their very presence on your property can induce a sense of soothing tranquility that can help you reduce stress and bring a smile to your lips. Planting the hinoki cypress where you can appreciate its beautiful shape and color any time of the day will greatly increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space for many years to come. - See more at:

Purple Smoke Tree "Grace" - $39.50

Large shrubs and small trees are always a versatile addition to a garden; they can break up open spaces, provide shade for smaller plants, act as a focal point to draw attention to your property’s most beautiful features and much more. There’s a huge range to choose from, of course, and it can be difficult to find exactly the right one to suit your purposes. One that should definitely make it to your shortlist is the smoketree, Cotinus coggygria; a loose, spreading shrubby tree that offers spectacular foliage, it can really add a touch of class and interest to your garden. The “Grace” variety is a particularly good choice, with its vivid foliage that starts out a bright red and slowly darkens to a striking burgundy as spring turns to summer. Midsummer is greeted with a spectacular floral display and the fall colors of this tree will delight everyone who sees it.

Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree - $39.50

Variety is the key to an attractive garden and few types of plants are better for creating it than small trees. Large enough to be distinctive, but small enough you can plant several and achieve an interesting mix of species or varieties, they’re always a highly versatile addition. There’s a huge range to choose from as well, so it doesn’t matter what the soil and climate in your area are like or what your personal tastes are; you’ll find something that suits you perfectly. Some species have particularly high popularity, though, and one of these is the smoketree Cotinus coggygria. Easy to grow and the perfect size for most gardens, this tree is famous for the way its flowers fade and turn to puffs of pinkish strands, which give it a wonderful smoky appearance. The Velvet Cloak variety is an especially beautiful example of the smoketree and is guaranteed to add an extra touch of class to your garden.

Blue Star Juniper Tree - $59.50

Juniperus squamata is commonly known as the Blue Star juniper, and comes in two varieties; as a shrub and a small dwarf tree. When a shrub is not a suitable addition to your landscape and you are in need of an upright feature plant the Blue Star in its tree form is going to be an excellent choice. As a tree the Blue Start is highly sought after for its ornamental value. Specimens are chosen and then trained to grow upright on a single trunk. The crown forms a foliage-filled ball thick with silvery blue needles that form clustered tightly together and give the impression of tiny little stars. The Blue Star is also extremely versatile; it can suit your garden as a central focal accent or be used to add height to a section that needs the benefit of a vertical aspect to break up low lying plant levels. - See more at:

4-5 ft. Kwanzan Cherry Tree - $69.50

Kwanzan Cherry is widely regarded as the very best of the many flowering cherry trees. Its beautiful deep-pink double flowers hang in clusters from the spreading branches and make a spectacular display in the spring. They are followed by beautiful leaves that emerge a bronzy-red color and then darken to a deep green. The branches spread outwards and upwards until the tree reaches 25 feet high and almost as much across. It is fast growing, hardy and tolerant of many kinds of soils. Kwanzan Cherry is definitely the queen of flowering trees. For cooler areas this is definitely the flowering cherry to choose.

Hale Haven Peach Tree - $79.50

Nothing beats the taste of a quality peach picked ripe straight from the tree. This is a pleasure that is only available to you if you grow them yourself, because store peaches are picked while unripe so they will not bruise in shipping. The Hale Peach is renowned for its delicious flavor and it is also one of the very best peaches for colder regions, where other varieties may not do well. It grows especially well in zone 5 and is a great choice for the New England region, where it was produced originally. It ripens later in the season, so you will have peaches into the early fall to enjoy fresh, for pies, jams and preserves. This peach is an ideal choice for beginners as it is hardy, vigorous and disease-resistant. - See more at:


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