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Candy Baskets

California Delicious Golden State Greeting Wine Gift Basket

Price: 99.00

Send a generous collection of California Wine Country favorites. Three fabulous wines: a chardonnay, a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon from the Golden State are surrounded by enticing treats. Cheese, focaccia crisps, a Ghirardelli milk and caramel chocolate bar, biscotti, smoked almonds and chocolate truffles are delightfully matched with these wines to create an authentic California greeting!

California Delicious Jellybean Wine & Sweets Sampler

Price: 79.00

Jellybean wines are bursting with flavor, just like the candy we all love. Jellybean wines offer great fruit forward varietals inspired by indulgent desserts. This unique gift features three delicious wines: Pineapple Delight chardonnay bursts with citrus flavors, Candy-Apple Red cabernet is a jammy delight and Blueberry Pie merlot is just like biting into a fresh blueberry. We've included a 10-flavor Jelly Belly jelly bean sampler for a sweet finish. This tantalizing gift comes packed in a natural wooden crate.

California Delicious Red Truck Wine Trio

Price: 69.00

Sonoma's Red Truck Winery is famous for puttin' the pedal to the metal to make bold, bright wines that rev up the palate and make the engine purr. This handsome wooden crate holds a bottle of Green Truck north coast chardonnay, a bottle of Red Truck red wine and a bottle of White Truck crisp chardonnay.

California Delicious Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic Gift Set

Price: 29.00

Gil's Gourmet is a family business, rooted in the central coast and proudly supporting local farmers. California figs are blended with Modena balsamic vinegar to create this fantastic Gil's Gourmet fig balsamic vinegar, which is paired with their delicious cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

California Delicious Sweet Beringer Wine Basket

Price: 69.00

These carefully crafted Beringer dessert wines offer immediately pleasing aromas with fresh, sweet flavors. The white moscato is balanced with crisp acidity and a clean finish. The red moscato brings together vivid aromas and flavors. The pink moscato is a beautiful rosy-pink hue and is extravagantly perfumed with luxurious aromas of creamy white peaches, caramel and honeysuckle. Pair them with exquisite John Kelly chocolates for a decadent dessert tasting that is just irresistible! This beautiful gift comes packaged in a woven tray.

California Delicious Golfer's Delight

Price: 45.00

Evoke memories of Carmel's Pebble Beach and good times with this clever wooden cutting board shaped like your favorite golf hole. Includes salami, crackers, cheese and golf snack mix. Tee it up!

California Delicious Cheeseboard Picnic

Price: 39.00

A picnic for two! Send this great wooden cheeseboard filled with three pepper crackers, cheese, mini Napa Valley mustard, Valentine cookies, sourdough nuggets, smoked almonds, a cheese spreader and salami. A great way to appreciate the day!

California Delicious Pacific Coast Snacks

Price: 29.00

These uniquely-shaped tortilla chips from San Diego hold the shape of a whale's tail! Featuring: savory Whale Tails Hawaiian Sea Salt chips and Blue Tor"chia" chips with omega 3-rich chia seeds. Two flavors of spicy salsa are included for a party ready to go!

California Delicious Central Valley Fruit & Nut Sampler

Price: 39.00

This wood crate gift box features California dried apricots, dried pears, pistachios and jumbo cashews. Enjoy the natural goodness.

California Delicious Get Well Wishes Gift Basket

Price: 59.00

Just what the doctor ordered! Here's the perfect pick-me-up for that special someone who's on the mend. In an adorable cardboard doctor's bag, our feel good items include butter toffee pretzels, Sonoma cheese straws, dried fruit, seasoned almonds, Lipton's chicken noodle soup mix, soothing tea, snack mix, Ghirardelli milk and caramel bar, chocolate chip cookies, water crackers and lemon tea cookies. Also included is a crossword puzzle book. Guaranteed to cheer them up!

California Delicious Celebrate Mondavi Wine Gift Basket

Price: 69.00

Robert Mondavi's original vision was to produce wines from the Napa Valley that would stand in the company of the world's finest wines. These Mondavi wines reflect the elegance, harmony and balance that Mondavi foresaw when he founded his winery in 1966. We are pleased to offer this beautiful two-bottle wine gift that includes a deep and vibrant merlot and a smooth and oaky chardonnay. Gather with family and friends and enjoy this generous collection of savory treats. Includes: chocolate truffles, bruschetta crisps, cheese, snack mix, Dolcetto wafers and crackers. Presented in a faux-copper galvanized keepsake tin.

California Delicious California Wine & Gourmet Extravaganza Gift Basket

Price: 149.00

Your own California Wine tasting awaits along with a bevy of sweets and treats. Sit down to 3 bottles of California Red Wines: merlot, cabernet and a zinfandel, and a luscious California chardonnay and get the party started! Included are flatbread crisp crackers, Sonoma Jack cheese, water crackers, Brie cheese, salami, olives, smoked salmon, Bellagio hot cocoa mix, truffles, milk chocolate sandwich cookies, biscotti, cranberry pecan cookies, roasted salted California almonds, Sonoma cheese straws and a Ghirardelli milk and caramel bar. Enjoy!

California Delicious Gourmet Grandeur Wine Gift Basket

Price: 299.00

This magnificent basket makes a giant impression. Five bottles of delicious California wine (a chardonnay, a cabernet sauvignon, a sauvignon blanc, a merlot and a delightful California sparkling wine) are featured in this sumptuous gift. Also included in this overwhelming array are Columbus salami, Chocolate covered cherries, Ghirardelli milk & caramel bar, Ghirardelli milk & Caramel bag of squares, Ghirardelli Masterpiece chocolates, Holly Baking butter cookies, Helen Grace chocolates, Holly Baking espresso brittle cookies, Viva Sonoma biscotti, San Francisco Sourdough crisps, Jelly Belly assortment, oatmeal raisin cookies, Sonoma cheese straws, chocolate drizzled popcorn, Sonoma jack cheese, Ghirardelli dark chocolate bag, Ghirardelli intense dark bar, Holly Baking chocolate sugar cookies, dark chocolate almond toffee, roasted pistachios, and pecan cranberry cookies. When only extravagance and style will do.

California Delicious California Foothills Wine Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 129.00

Make any event a festive celebration when you send this over-the-top gift basket that's filled with everything that's oh, so good! Indulge your favorite group of revelers. Four bottles of California wine: a chardonnay, a merlot, a cabernet sauvignon and a pinot noir accompany bruschetta crisps, salami, roasted salted almonds, Brie cheese, crackers, Sonoma cheese straws, Popchips, biscotti, English tea cookies, Ghirardelli milk chocolate bar and a gift bag of Ghirardelli milk chocolate truffle squares.

California Delicious Peace, Prayer & Blessings Sympathy Gift Basket

Price: 149.00

Send loving wishes of peace and sympathy when you give this thoughtful basket of treasured memories and gourmet foods. The centerpiece of this sympathy gift is a willow tree angel figurine meant to help heal, comfort, protect and inspire, and it is surrounded by an array of gourmet foods including: cheese, crackers, roasted salted almonds, chocolate dipped biscotti, coffee, toffee nuts, cheese straws, salami, wafer cookies, caramel popcorn, snack mix, butter cookies, tea cookies, tea, smoked salmon and dried fruit. The entire family will appreciate your gesture.


Candy Baskets
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