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Candy Baskets

California Delicious The Earthquake Wine Gourmet

Price: 59.00

For a gift of seismic proportions, send an Earthquake! This intense California Earthquake red wine has daring flavors and will leave your senses quivering! Enjoy it with creamy Monterey Jack cheese, Three Cheese sourdough crackers and a Ghirardelli milk chocolate and caramel bar. All are presented in a golden container and tied with an elegant black and gold bow.

California Delicious The Marilyn "Merlot" Classic

Price: 79.00

Enjoy a classic gift filled with star quality! A collectible bottle of Marilyn wine explodes with vibrant fruit flavors. Like Marilyn Monroe, this iconic vintage is soon to become a classic. Artfully featured in a shiny black top hat container, this elegant gift also includes creamy chocolate truffles, chocolate-filled wafer rolls and gold foil-wrapped chocolate stars. All tied with a glittery gold bow.

California Delicious Three Pears Wine & Fruit Medley Basket

Price: 49.00

Drink to their health with this colorful and delicious California wine and fruit basket. A beautiful woven basket is filled with fresh, crunchy apples, sweet pears and juicy oranges. A bottle of California Three Pears wine is the perfect accompaniment with its aromatic, crisp flavors and fine finish. Perfect forany occasion!"

California Delicious The Wrangler

Price: 49.00

Like John Wayne, this basket is straightforward, honest, and authentic. Features a bottle of Shannon Ridge Wrangler red wine, two flavors of John Wayne natural beef jerky, Monterey Jack cheese and crackers.

California Delicious Silver Oak Sojourn

Price: 139.00

Get ready for a Silver Oak taste adventure! Packaged in a clever black and silver luggage tower, this classic Silver Oak cabernet sauvignon combines elegance and depth in a balanced expression of this classic California vintage. It has a dark ruby color and a complex nose of cedar, sandalwood, cassis, cherry, dark chocolate and roasted coffee. We have matched it with brie cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, salami, chocolate wafer cookies, Sonoma cheese straws, and Godiva white chocolate truffles. Bon Voyage!

California Delicious For the Whole Gang Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 79.00

This bountiful basket is big enough for the whole gang. Satisfy their cravings with our incredible combo of peanut brittle, roasted almonds, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, chocolate truffles, cheese, English tea cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, sweet sticks, chocolate biscotti, cheese swirls, wafer crackers, hot 'n sweet mustard and a handy cheese spreader. You'll receive kudos from the entire crew!

California Delicious Franciscan Welcome

Price: 79.00

A fine bottle of Franciscan Estate Napa Valley cabernet is featured in this gourmet offering along with Monterey Jack cheese, Napa Valley mustard, water crackers, Nunes Farms mocha almonds, cheese straws, chocolate truffles and sugar cookies.

California Delicious Star Gazer

Price: 39.00

This fun gold star basket holds the ingredients for a mini party. Enjoy a mini bottle of Domaine Chandon California sparkling wine along with chocolate cream-filled vanilla wafers, chocolate toffee caramels, gold foil-wrapped chocolate stars, biscotti, Cashew Roca and a Ghirardelli milk and caramel chocolate bar.

California Delicious Best of the West Celebration Gift Basket

Price: 79.00

This consummate California picnic is presented in a beautiful woven basket and is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Overflowing with fresh and flavorful gourmet foods, it is perfect for celebrating any occasion. Fresh-picked apples, pears and juicy oranges abound along with a bottle of Regalo Valley Ranch California red wine. Columbus salami, sourdough crackers, cheese, Napa Valley mustard, Nunes Farms nuts and Ghirardelli chocolates complete this fabulous feast which also comes with a handsome wooden cutting board and a cheese knife. Give a taste of California to family, friends and colleagues with this quintessential California gift.

California Delicious Winner's Circle Gift Basket

Price: 99.00

Express your appreciation for a winning attitude. This basket includes: delicious sparkling apple cider, a Ghirardelli Masterpiece chocolate assortment, Mexi Snax chips, Santa Barbara salsa, roasted almonds with sea salt, turtle supreme cookies, chocolate drizzled popcorn, butter toffee pretzels, chocolate salted caramel cookies, bruschetta crisps and Brie cheese spread.

California Delicious California Gold Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 69.00

This gift sets the gold standard. A beautifully woven basket is filled to the brim with a bevy of treats: cheese straws, biscotti, a Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate bar, caramel praline and chocolate truffle hot cocoa mixes, cheese, sesame crackers, Napa Valley mustard, honey cinnamon almonds, a chocolate biscotti bar, Ghirardelli milk chocolate and caramel squares, bruschetta toast and a cheese spreader. All packed in dazzling golden accents.

California Delicious In Good Company Gourmet Gift Basket

Price: 179.00

Stupendous in size and hugely satisfying to all who partake, this selection's lavish proportions are only equaled by its formidable tastiness! They'll delight in white and milk chocolate covered sandwich cookies, Lindt truffles, snack mix, Ghirardelli dark and mint squares, Nunes farms cashews, salsa, Ghirardelli Masterpiece collection chocolate assortment, butter cookies, chocolate dipped biscotti, chocolate truffles, chocolate wafer cookies, cranberry harvest medley, water crackers, Cashew Roca, hot cocoa mix, butter toffee pretzels, cheese, chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn, smoked almonds, tortilla chips, chocolate covered cherries, focaccia crackers and chocolate chip cookies . When you need to make a grand impression this is the selection!

California Delicious Superstar Celebrations

Price: 99.00

Celebrate the superstar in your life by sending them this gift of their favorite sweets and treats. This gold keepsake tin is filled to the brim with chocolate biscotti, truffles, fudge, silver and gold chocolate stars, truffle cookies, cashew Roca, hot fudge brownie, Lindt truffles, Three pepper water crackers, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa mix, classic wafer cookies, Sonoma cheese straws, butter toffee pretzels, chocolate pastry cookies, Napa Valley hot and sweet mustard, European cookies, Almond Roca, peppermint popcorn, brie and a cheese knife. This sparkling gift will surely delight.

California Delicious Napa Valley Charm Wine Gift Basket

Price: 79.00

Send the pleasures of the Wine Country with this basket of California gourmet samplings. Two Napa Valley red wines: a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon, are arranged in this gorgeous basket together with gourmet cheese, bruschetta toast crisps, Napa valley mustard, Ghirardelli chocolate squares and a savory snack mix.

California Delicious Regalo Valley Ranch Wine & Gourmet

Price: 59.00

Just add some California sunshine and a blanket to this inviting gourmet gift and your Golden state picnic is complete. Enjoy two bottles of Regalo Valley Ranch wines-a crisp chardonnay and hearty cabernet sauvignon, California smoked almonds, Dolcetto cookies, English tea cookies, focaccia crisps, brie cheese and Ghirardelli dark chocolate mint squares. A perfect gift to send to friends, family or colleagues for that ""taste"" of California!.


Candy Baskets
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