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Kid Pix Studio Deluxe - CD - $3.95

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe gives kids access to six unique painting, drawing, and animation projects. It empowers kids and encourages them to develop their creative and artistic skills. With wacky tools, 2,500 stamps, over 1,200 graphics, cool sounds, special effects and much more, kids have all the fun tools they need to explore their creativity!

Cyberchase™ Castleblanca Quest - CD - $4.95

Brainpower to the Rescue! Monsters, vampires and mummies need their gloomy weather in Castleblanca. Hacker has stolen their gloomy weather chip and has flooded the site with sunshine. You must build a device large enough to cast a shadow and recover the chip. Join the Cyberchase squad as they use problem solving and estimation to collect the parts needed to build the device and restore gloomy weather in Castleblanca!Features: eight activities, video footage, full screen animation, and tracking feature allows parents to monitor progress. Two modes of play: adventure and practice. Three levels of difficulty. Skills Developed: Strategic Thinking, Approximation, Spatial Reasoning, Trial and Error, Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making. The kids learn that math is fun, it's about problem solving, and boy does it come in handy!

Land Before Time: Kindergarten Adventure - CD - $4.95

There's plenty to learn in the Land Before Time! Littlefoot and friends are busy making sure it's fun too. Important learning experiences are built into entertaining and engaging activities with an emphasis on creativity and teamwork. Children work with their dino pals to construct stories, animated scenes, mucical interludes and printable crafts. When they're ready for "recess", kids can share a virtual board game and some dino pinball fun too.Living ValleyCreativity and imagination run wild as children construct exciting animated landscapes. Day or night scenes come alive before kids' eyes as they paint animations onto a background Creature CardsDesign and print cards with pictures of your favorite dino pals Adventure StoriesDevelop storytelling skills as you put characters, actions, settings and objects together to build adventures for Littlefoot and friends Sharptooth GulchPractice forward, back, left and right as you help Ducky and Chomper hop across obstacles while avoiding the prowling Sharptooth!Features:Play interactive games with your favorite dinosaur pals Fun and educational activities are rewarded with magical seeds and printable award certificates Learn preschool and kindergarten concepts such as alphabet, shapes, colors, patterns and number recognition Develop concentration, creativity, confidence, object recognition and problem solving skills Three different skill levels to suit a child's growing abilities

Firefighter George & Fire Engines Vol. 2 DVD - $9.99

Every boy and girl dreams about the thrill of riding on a fire engine and using a firefighter’s special gear. Our video will let your little ones live this dream and learn about fire safety and fire equipment. Come along with Firefighter George and Firefighter Christy in Start Smarter’s second exciting and action packed fire engine video. We teach your Junior Firefighters all about the equipment on a fire engine. Then watch as real firefighters show how the equipment works in live action!--JOIN IN as the Start Smarter Junior Firefighters learn how to Stop, Drop, and Roll!SEE how the firefighters connect the fire engine to a fire hydrant and supply water to the pump!WATCH as the ladder truck raises its big bucket into the sky! DISCOVER how firefighters put on their air tanks and air masks before an emergency!

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