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Backyard Hockey™ - CD - $4.95

Lace up your skates, strap on your helmet and grab your hockey stick, because the Backyard Kids are teaming up with kid versions of your favorite National Hockey League™ stars in Backyard Hockey™! Customize your uniform, set your lineups and get ready for three periods of non-stop hockey action! With powerplays and spectacular saves, it’s the chance of a lifetime to play with the pros in your own backyard!

Animal Groove Music CD (Jewel Case) - $12.95

Sys.Application.add_load(WireEvents); Kids will go WILD over Animal Groove from award-winning children's songwriter James Coffey who take kids on an imaginative fun-filled journey through the animal kingdom where kids will hop like kangaroos and soar like eagles. Song List: 1. Animal Groove 2. Jabu The Little Monkey 3. Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Bear 4. What Would You Be? 5. Waddle Penguin 6. Critter Jambalaya 7. Bunny Hop 8. I Wanna Fly 9. Jellyfish Jump 10. Calypso Clam 11. Animal Train 12. Dust Bunny 13. Bingo 14. I’m So Glad That I’m Me Words & Muisic by Songwriter: James Coffey Run Time: 40 minutes Recognition Awards: KIDS First ALL STAR Award - Coalition for Quality Children's Media Parents' Choice Silver Award "Editor's Choice" - Woman's Day Magazine "Best Children's Audio" - Sesame Street Parent

I Love Toy Trains: All Aboard! - DVD - $7.99

A new, exciting I Love Toy Trains show for a new generation. More spectacular special effects than ever seen in a train video before - flying saucers, UFOs, jet airplanes, jet trains, aliens, ghosts and goblins, and your favorite candies being loaded and unloaded on Lionel accessories at the Big Rock Candy Mountain. See the world's largest G-scale, outdoor layout, a giant Lego layout plus six new songs by our favorite singer/songwriter, James Coffey. The 14-part I Love Toy Trains is one of the best-selling childrens' video series in the country. It has thrilled and delighted millions of kids and grown-ups. I Love Toy Trains - All Aboard! is wall-to-wall train action for a new generation of train fanatics. There's so much train action and fun, you'll need repeated viewings to see everything. I Love Toy Trains - All Aboarrrd! 40 minutes

Trains on the Brain, with Choo Choo Bob - DVD - $8.95

The Choo Choo Bob Show is a live action television show for train fanatics of all ages. Join Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul, Engineer Emily, Rich Kornbelt, Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat as they explore the world of trains. TRAINS ON THE BRAIN includes the following episodes: THE BARBER OF BOBVILLE Rich gives Choo Choo Bob a haircut, and together they visit Tinyland. And who knew riding the Light Rail could be so much fun! EARTH TO BOB, IT'S NATIONAL TRAIN DAY! It's National Train Day and the Gang is going for a ride on Amtrak's Empire Builder! BY GOLLEY, IT'S A TROLLEY! While Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Paul visit a trolley museum, Rich becomes a door-to-door model train salesman! Total running time: 48 minutes The Choo Choo Bob Show is fun, educational and entertaining. Drawing inspiration from historic television shows that help shape children's television, The Choo Choo Bob show will delight children of all ages. Join Choo Choo Bob and his friends as they visit museums, ride trains, sing railroad songs and have fun!

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