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Toucanz Trail: Obstacle Adventure Fitness for Kids DVD - $6.95

This energizing and fun video program leads kids through imaginary obstacle course challenges like rope climbing and log hopping with kids demonstrating moves. Video clips of outside obstacle course challenges and a bonus segment showing kids how to create an obstacle course link the indoor program to the outdoors and encourage creativity and activity. The indoor class keeps kids’ attention and they love building their own obstacle courses outside. –---Color, Not Rated, Approx Run Time- 40 mins.

Mia's Language Adventure: The Kidnap Caper, 2CD set - Box - $9.99

If you're looking for a fun way to introduce your children to a second language like Spanish or French then this award-winning title ticket! Like the other titles in the Mia Collection, we integrate educational content into an original and entertaining story, so that children learn while they play. This latest ¨Mia¨ title also builds on the series' heritage of endearing characters, fun activities and broadcast quality 3D graphics. The player controls Mia throughout the game, where there are clues to find, useful items to pick up and decisions to make, all designed to encourage the player to think for themselves. Story & Graphics Just when Mia’s grandmother, Mimi is about to win this year’s art competition, the lights go out. When they finally come back on, Mimi is gone, and so are the Sparklies that were to be the prize. Romaine however is still around, so who could have done something this evil and why? Help Mia look for her granny and unravel the truth behind this caper, all while practicing Spanish or French as a second language. With groundbreaking 3D graphics and revolutionary game-play format, Mia makes learning fun. Developed by award-winning animators, musicians, and educators, every minute of play is designed to spark children's interest and stir their imaginations. This is what separates the Mia Adventure series from any other children's software--a successful mix of entertainment and quality education. The Mia Adventure series is fresh, unique, and inspirational. Each adventure puts your child in full control--free to lead Mia on an exciting escapade. Educational Focus Today’s generation is faced with a growing accessibility to new communication methods. These new tools and technologies can lead to new exchanges that could be enriched by learning foreign languages. With this in mind, Mia’s new adventure, The Kidnap Caper, features an introduction to French or Spanish as a second language and is an ideal occasion for children to expand their knowledge of these two languages. Vocabulary areas covered: • Alphabet including an introduction to letter sounds; • Basic vocabulary words related to the immediate environment (e.g. objects of the everyday life, animals, fruits and vegetables, occupations, family members and much more;) • Adjectives and verbs; • Numbers; • Prepositions. Sentence and grammar areas covered: • Sentence structure; • placing the adjective; • Verb tense (e.g. present, past, future). The software also contributes to: • Decoding the meaning of words in the second language using context, visual clues and sounds; • Use of prior knowledge in mother tongue as a source of information to understand the second language; • Concentrating and following instructions; • Practicing, repeating and integrating the vocabulary; • Self-evaluation ( e.g. reflection on what has been learned as a student or as a player); • Accepting not understanding everything that is said or read. Features: Children can choose to practice their Spanish & French while tracking down clues. Kids will have a fun time learning as they explore and use their detective skills to help Mia! Marvelously rich 3D universe Three difficulty levels to choose from Colorful and endearing characters. Winner of over 90 awards, including the prestigious "Parents' Choice Gold Award".

The Three Stooges: Feudin, Fuss'n- 9 Episodes - DVD - $3.99

9 Exciting Episodes! No Smoking Aloud Feudin, Fuss's Hillbully Aloha Ha Ha Land Ho, Ho, Ho Squawk Valley The Three Marketeers Furry Fugitive Tally Moe With Larry and Joe Kangaroo Catchers Color, Approximately 60 minutes

More Fun with Felix the Cat- 8 Episodes - DVD - $3.99

8 Exciting Episodes! One Good Turn Skulls and Sculls Felix Woos Whoopee Felix Minds the Baby Dopes it Out Felix all Puzzled Felix Doubles for Darwin Felix and The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg Color- Approximately 60 minutes

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