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My Mama Was a Train Music CD (Jewel Case) - $10.95

Song List: 1. My Mama Was a Train 2. What Do You Hear? 3. That Little Red Caboose Behind The Train 4. Nine Hundred Miles 5. Counting Those Railroad Cars 6. Old Engine No. 9 7. Build A Bridge 8. Rock Island Line 9. Wabash Cannonball 10. New River Train 11. Iím A Train 12. Casey Jones 13. Down By The Station 14. Little Red Caboose 15. Workiní In The Railway Yard

Kids Spanish - CD - $3.95

This program is specially designed for kids to help them learn Spanish featuring the basics of childís play. Covers all the basics: the alphabet, counting, dates, telling time, weather and more. Children also will learn simple phrases such as asking for help, greeting people, apologizing and attracting someoneís attention courteously- all the phrasing a child will need when traveling in a Spanish-language speaking country.

Firefighter George & Today's Mighty Trains Kids DVD - $10.95

The folks at Start Smarter continue to win awards for their Firefighter George series: Dr. Toy and the Institute for Childhood Resources recently named "Todayís Mighty Trains" one of the 10 Best Childrenís Products of the Year. Thatís an understatement. Firefighter George is joined by Firefighter Christy as they introduce a group of junior engineers to modern railroading. The kids learn about diesel-electric locomotives and the different types of freight cars, and watch the engineer at work. Then they observe the operator in an electric transit vehicle ó and learn to watch out for the third rail. The firefighters also take the kids for a visit to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train, and on an Amtrak train ó including inside the kitchen. More than anything, the video teaches kids to expect the unexpected and stay a safe distance away. This is easily the most intelligent approach to introducing kids to trains that Iíve seen. ó Kathi Kube --Not Rated, Color, Approx Run Time- 42 Mins.

Kids Rule!: 6 Thrilling Children's Adventures [2 DISCS] - DVD - $5.99

Children love fun adventures. Here's a collection of six of the best! Kids play pranks on the new teacher to try and keep their old one (Curly); help their clueless dad find the right mate (Mickey); befriend and protect an orphaned seal (Sandy the Seal), or an Alaskan sled dog (Toby McTeague); visit a magical world of song and dance (The Pied Piper of Hamelin); or solve a murder mystery by seeking out clues in a spooky mansion (Who Killed Doc Robbin?). DIGITALLY REMASTERED - SOUND ENHANCED TIME: Appox. 7hr. 33min / COLOR & BW / PG / 2xDVD 9 Includes: Curley (1947) Who Killed Doc Robbin? (1948) Sandy the Seal (1969) Toby McTeague (1986), MPAA Rating: PG Curley A group of conniving juvenile delinquents set out to ruin the first day of school for a new teacher (Frances Rafferty), but find that the joke is on them. ~ John Bush, All Movie Guide Who Killed Doc Robbin? Producer Hal Roach's postwar attempt to create a new bunch of "Our Gang" kids resulted in two misfire Cinecolor comedies, the second of which was Who Killed Doc Robbin. Heading this unappealing new crop of youngsters is Jackie Cooper lookalike Larry Olsen as Curley, who enters the story when sinister scientist Doc Robbin (George Zucco) disappears after a lab explosion as is presumed murdered. The most likely suspect is kindly old Dan (Whitford Kane), and Curley and his pals intend to prove Dan's innocence. To do this, they must snoop around Robbin's spooky old house, leading to a series of "fright" gags that were old when Harold Lloyd did them back in 1921. In the tradition of the earlier Our Gang comedies, Who Killed Doc Robbin features a pair of black kids, one of whom is Renee Beard, the brother of 1930s Our Gang favorite Matthew "Stymie" Beard. Originally released in tandem with the Hal Roach streamliner Here Comes Trouble, Who Killed 'Doc' Robbin was later combined with its predecessor Curley (1948) into a single feature titled Curley and His Gang in the Haunted Mansion. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Sandy the Seal In this children's drama, a loving lighthouse keeper finds a stray seal and brings it home for his children to raise. Meanwhile, the kids try to run heartless poachers out of town. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Toby McTeague Toby McTeague (Yannick Bisson) is a teen-aged boy, living in a flyspeck town in Northern Canada with his father and younger brother. Toby's thriving livelihood, raising and training sled dogs, is threatened by a dip in the local economy. His problems are intensified by the ongoing hostilities between Toby and his dad (Winston Reckert). Running away from home, Toby makes the acquaintance of elderly Indian chief George Wild Dog (George Clutesi), who years earlier had been "shaman," or spiritual advisor, to Toby's father. It is Chief Wild Dog who mystically brings father and son together at the film's climax, in addition to rescuing Toby's sled-dog business in a near-miraculous fashion. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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