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Jack Kirby's Fourth World TPB

Price: 7.77

Son of Apokolips... Enemy of Apokolips! Mister Miracle faces some of his most far-out adversaries: Mystivac, The Fez, Madame Evil Eyes, and the ultimate evil - Darkseid. But, more than balancing out the bad, Scott Free picks up a youthful protege in Shilo Norman and is wed to Big Barda! Jack Kirby's Fourth World concludes the collection of Kirby's Mister Miracle and wraps up the complete reprinting of his stand-alone Fourth World series. Along with The New Gods and The Forever People , Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle comprised Kirby's purest vision; no editor to shackle his endless imagination, no writer to soften his explosive impact. The Fourth World was pure Kirby, and nothing but Kirby! Collected together for the first time in this volume is the wrap-up to the Mister Miracle saga, as written and drawn by comics legend Jack Kirby (creator of The New Gods and co-creator of Captain America and the Fantastic Four).

Vamps TPB

Price: 7.96

Meet Howler, Screech, Whipsnake, Skeeter and Mink - five dangerously alluring female vampires thundering down America's highways on Harleys, drunk on freedom and high octane. After killing their male master, the Vamps set out on the open road in search of a new life. But Howler, their leader, is driven by a demon from her past... one that she must vanquish before she can truly enjoy the pleasures of an undead existence. Vamps is a wild tale of blood and chrome, a deadly road trip from Las Vegas to New York in the company of five very unusual women. You'll never look at vampires the same way again.

3x3 Eyes Volume 3: Flight of the Demon TPB

Price: 9.57

The collected editions of the manga horror/action epic finally continue! From a hidden world in the Tibetan highlands comes Pai, a strange and beautiful girl with a difference: three eyes and three hundred birthdays behind her! Sent to Tokyo by a dying anthropologist, Pai must find his son, Yakumo, to help her in her quest... to become human! But when Pai merges Yakumo's soul with that of her immortal supernatural familiar to save his life, the urgency of their mission becomes even greater as Yakumo fights to reclaim his own humanity. Pai and Yakumo discover the existence of a statue that may help end their quest, but to obtain it they'll have to take on the dwellers in the dark, who need the statue to revive a dread demonic lord and bring about an inhuman kingdom of immortal evil!

Invisibles TPB Vol. 3: Entropy in the U.K.

Price: 15.99

The time is coming when we'll all have to choose: either the crushing, soul-rending orthodoxy of the Conspiracy, or the anarchic, radical freedom of The Invisibles. One makes the world what it is, while the other shows the world what it might be. Right now, things don't look very good for the other. With their two most powerful members captured and their newest member in hiding, King Mob's Invisibles cell seems on the brink of annihilation. Under the torturer's knife, he must wage an all-out psychic war against his captors - spinning a lifetime's worth of fictional adventures for his cloaking persona of psychedelic spy Gideon Stargrave, while outside his team regroups and prepares to break him free. But the one key to their survival is still missing: newcomer Jack Frost, whose abilities may outstrip all of his teammates put together. Will he be found in time? And will he be up to the challenge? The answer to these and many other questions can be found in The Invisibles: Entropy in the......

Bird: The Tattoo HC

Price: 8.97

Jobeth Nightengale Bensen, a beautiful young heiress, has been locked in a brutal asylum by her brother, who wants the family fortune for himself. Brutalized and addicted to drugs as part of her "treatment," Jobeth nonetheless counts the minutes for her chance to escape. When the opportunity comes at last, she flees to New York City, hiding among the lost and forgotten, just another apparent homeless lunatic. On the run from her brother, she reinvents herself by concealing her identity under the name of Bird and drastically changing her appearance, one which catches the eye of the fashion world. Her dramatic look catapults Bird into the dazzling world of the supermodel, but with her face on the covers of magazines, this Bird will not be able to fly for long! Written by Carlos Trillo ( Cybersix, Video Noire ) and painted by artist Juan Bobillo, Bird: The Tattoo is a tale of greed, beauty, and madness, another essential Venture graphic album, published in a stunning oversized edition in......

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers TPB

Price: 8.97

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the latest in a long tradition of young women who've been trained to give their lives in the war against vampires. We've gotten glimpses of these other women over the years on T.V., in comics, and in books. Now for the first time, the writers from the television series, including the show's creator, Joss Whedon, and one of its stars, Amber "Tara" Benson, present the tales of these girls, with the help of comics' greatest artists. Gene Colan, co-creator of Marvel's Blade and Tomb of Dracula , returns to Dark Horse for the story of a young girl in 1970s New York, battling vampires. Tim Sale, artist of recent epics Batman: The Long Halloween and Superman for All Seasons teams with Joss Whedon for a grim tale of a medieval slayer. American comics legend P. Craig Russell ( Dr. Strange , The Ring of the Nibelung ) and international rising star Mira Friedmann ( Actus Tragicus ) also join the stellar lineup.

Harlequin Valentine HC

Price: 7.77

This hardcover retelling of the Commedia dell'arte legend of hopeless, fawning love updates the relationship of buffoonish Harlequin and his sensible, oblivious Columbine. Consumed with love, the impulsive clown gives his heart freely, only to see it dragged about town, with a charming surprise to bend the tale in a modern direction. Spending a cold Valentine's Day alone can be hard to swallow, but Neil Gaiman ( Coraline , Newbery Medal winner The Graveyard Book ) and John Bolton ( The Evil Dead ) want you to know that all it takes is a steak knife, a fork, and a bottle of quality ketchup . . . Finally back in print!

Scatterbrain HC

Price: 11.97

The American Illustration Award-winning anthology is now finally collected as a deluxe hardcover book! Here in the wild 'n' wacky pages of Scatterbrain is an assembly of comics and children's book talent like no other ever produced. This praised anthology features the monocular adventures of Steve Guarnaccia's award-winning Kid Cyclops , along with delightful tales from the honed, silly minds of Jim Woodring, Sergio AragonÚs, Steve Parkhouse, Killian Plunkett, Evan Dorkin, Jay ( Jetca t) Stephens, Dave ( Weasel ) Cooper, and more. Plus, the whole jolly, head-spinning affair is headlined by "Abu Gung" from perennial award-winner Mike ( Hellboy ) Mignola, and lovingly wrapped in a new cover by Craig Thompson, along with comics and illustrations by this award-winning creator of Good-bye, Chunky Rice . Don't miss it!

Seraphic Feather Volume 1: Crimson Angel TPB

Price: 10.77

In the not-too-distant future, an intact alien starship has been discovered buried beneath the moon's surface, a vessel with awesome technology somehow connected to three powerful "Emblem Seeds" found on Earth. Sunao Oumi, a young man stuck on the moon and trying to work up the funds to return to Earth, takes an assignment to escort two visiting U.N. investigators and is drawn into a web of violence and intrigue as dark operatives try to purloin the Emblem Seeds the investigators have brought with them. But the investigators are more than they seem: Attim M-Zak, a beautiful and mysterious woman with deadly augmented abilities, and Kei, a starry-eyed dreamboat from Sunao's past...whose death brought Sunao to the moon in the first place!

Madman X 50 Bubblegum Card Set

Price: 8.97

Madman Comics is one of the hottest comics to rear its ugly head in a long time! To celebrate its arrival at Dark Horse we're issuing a fifty card series revealing the fifty faces of Madman! It features the artwork of some of the greatest names in comics, including such luminaries as Frank Miller, Alex Toth, Matt Wagner, Art Adams, and even Jack Kirby! Madman creator Michael Allred has colored most of the cards himself in the same process the studios use to color animation cells, and let me tell you, these babies pop! You can get the series as a boxed set or as an uncut sheet, and if you can't make up your mind, you can get them both!

Madman X 50 Bubblegum Card Set: The Sequel

Price: 8.97

What do Frank Frazetta, Matt Groening, and Joe Kubert have in common? They're mad about Madman, and they're displaying their madness in this second set of Madman trading cards! The first set was so successful that Madman creator Mike Allred wanted to throw another fifty cards your way, with just as impressive a line-up as last time! Paul Chadwick, Bill Tucci, Evan Dorkin, Barry Windsor-Smith, Paul Pope, Bruce Timm, Dave Gibbons, Erik Larsen, Kent Williams, Jim Silke, John Byrne, Terry Moore, Ronnie Del Carmen, Sergio Aragones, Jim Lee, and Brian Bolland are just some of the talents bursting out of the little box! The back of each card features a brief background of the creator in question and a piece of a larger image so that when all the cards are placed in the proper order, face down, you'll have an all-new, giant Madman illustration by Mike Allred! Packaged just like the first set, only with all-new box art by Mike, this is a definite must-have item! Dark Horse is also offering the cards as......

Batman TPB: New Gotham Vol. 1 - Evolution

Price: 12.95

"Looks like the situation might finally be under control." "That's normally when it goes to pieces." No Man's Land has ended. Gotham City is once again whole. But the wounds of No Man's Land run deep. Now Gotham is split into two bitterly divided factions: OGs (original Gothamites) and the DeeZees (No Man Land deserters). While Batman and Commissioner Gordon struggle to maintain order, a new force threatens to consume Gotham City - and perhaps the world! One of the Batman's greatest enemies returns with new, demonic cohorts and a plan to enslave the world - his name: Ra's al Ghul! Only the Batman stands between the Demon and the world! Evolution collects Detective Comics #s 743-750.

Power of Shazam! TPB

Price: 6.00

S olomon H ercules A tlas Z eus A chilles M ercury A word is spoken! Lightning strikes! For young Billy Batson the adventure of a lifetime begins... and Captain Marvel -- the World's Mightiest Mortal -- is born! SHAZAM! Say the word... feel the power!

Madman Comics: Yearbook '95 TPB

Price: 10.77

The world's snappiest comic magazine is now the world's snappiest trade paperback collection! If you missed out on Madman's early hyperactive exploits, this 160-page volume is your toehold into Mike Allred's kinetic and killingly kitschy world! Witness Madman framed for a murder on the high seas! Follow him as he tracks down Dr. Flem's runaway robots! Watch and be amazed as he battles mutant street beatniks. Find out why Spin calls this hugely hip bimonthly comic "a kooky boogaloo!" and why The New York Times says that Madman Comics is "animated by a manic, pop-art delight in mass culture." Madman Comics is the book for those who appreciate offbeat storytelling and brilliant art. It's all here in one grand, gonzo package, wrapped in an all-new, unique, faux dust jacket, and even includes Madman paper action figures! (Frank Einstein has too much machismo to be a mere paper doll!) Don't miss out!

Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 18: Twilight of the Kurokuwa TPB

Price: 5.97

The Shogun himself has given Retsudo a stern warning: do something about Itto Ogami, the Lone Wolf, or the Yagyu clan will fall out of favor. Now Retsudo must turn to the Fire Watchers, a select band of warriors, for help -- as well as the last surviving members of the legendary Kurokuwa ninja clan! As death stalks him, Ogami is confronted by desperate, impoverished peasants who want him to share his fortune with the suffering. With Ogami's cub, Daigoro, caught in the middle, what will he decide? Find out what everyone can't stop talking about. This volume contains the following stories: Firewatchers of the Black Gate The Immortal Firewatchers Paper Money Lifeline Twilight of the Kurokuwa

Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 19: The Moon in Our Hearts TPB

Price: 5.97

The Eisner and Harvey Award-winning series continues! The time for delay is past. Itto Ogami and Daigoro are headed for Edo, to face Retsudo of the Yagyu once and for all! Stalked by bounty hunters and killers after their reward money, the Lone Wolf now faces deadlier enemies still. Retsudo has called out the nation's most accomplished rifleman, and dispatched a cannon-laden man of war, to intercept the father and son as they navigate treacherous cliffs and the high seas of Japan! This volume contains the following stories: Four Seasons of Death Wives and Lovers The Marksman A Mother's Flavor The Moon in Our Hearts

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