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Too Much Coffee Man #3 Sticker (Round with coffee stain)

Price: 1.19

We took some of the best Dark Horse characters and made 'em really sticky. This month we bring you two more stickers from the world's strongest man. Stick 'em on your backpacks, books, and buddies! Stick up your doors, desks, and dorms! Stick it! Stickers sold individually.

Too Much Coffee Man #4 Sticker (Rectangular coffee with wings)

Price: 1.19

We took some of the best Dark Horse characters and made 'em really sticky. This month we bring you two more stickers from the world's strongest man. Stick 'em on your backpacks, books, and buddies! Stick up your doors, desks, and dorms! Stick it! Stickers sold individually.

Gunsmith Cats Volume 8: Mister V TPB

Price: 11.37

The word's on the street that a new crime syndicate is moving into Chicago in full force, pushing a new drug called Powerball, a.k.a. Kerasine 2. These new thugs are tearing through the cops and the competition like they were made of wet paper. But the beautiful bounty hunter Rally Vincent knows who's behind it all: her arch-enemy, the ultra-hitwoman Goldie, back to make good on her promise to make Rally her personal slave -- or a stiff in the morgue! Rally's taking no chances and plans to take the fight to Goldie, but the Amazonian crime boss has new muscle, the mysterious master marksman Mister V! And if Mister V's bullets don't do Rally in, his true identity may give her a heart attack!

Heart of Empire CD-ROM

Price: 23.99

This CD-Rom contains the whole of the Heart of Empire graphic novel in its pencilled, inked and colored forms, plus a brand-new piece of artwork, preparatory sketches, and other illustrations. In over 60,000 words of detailed and entertaining commentary, Bryan Talbot points out the inspirations, influences, references, symbolism, and in-jokes underlying the whole graphic narrative. There's also annotations to the artwork, bawdy anecdotes, silly tirades, and many mini-essays on related subjects as diverse as William Blake, English mythology, the sexual activities of Charles II, William Hogarth, Free Love, and much, much more! All this plus two interviews, biographies, a very user-friendly interface, and a full index to all the annotations. As an added bonus, you'll also receive the Adventures of Luther Arkwright graphic novel in its entirety!

Playset Collector's Videos Vol. 3 The Combat Sets VHS Video

Price: 13.19

Produced by vintage toy expert Rusty Kern, the series is indispensable to collectors, dealers, or anyone with even a casual interest in this fascinating aspect of the hobby. The third volume takes the viewer on a 45-minute look at the complete story of the Louis Marx World War II play sets. Over 14 great playsets are detailed, including Iwo Jima, American Patrol, Battle Grounds, Desert Fox, Training Centers, and the rare D-Day set. Content experts remark in an incredible detailed examination of correct contents, details, and accessories. We even recreate one of the most special expriences a toy collector can have -- popping the box on a mint, unopened set of American Patrol.

Playset Collector's Videos Vol. 4 The Peacetime Sets VHS Video

Price: 13.19

The "Peacetime" play sets of the 1950s are the theme in this continuing series of videos for toy collectors and everyone who has a fondness to recapture the halcyon days of yore. Highlights include: Louis Marx Service stations (lots of swell fifties autos!), Atomic Cape Canaveral, Strategic Air Command (SAC) base, Operation X-500 Rocket Base ( a deluxe reading set very rare as it was only sold in grocery stores), Turnpike Toll Booth, Alaska play sets commemorating Alaska becoming a state in 1958. Plus, visit Kane County Toy Show, which is one of the largest in the world, and tour this fascinating and huge exhibit, gaining insight into the heart of buying and selling in today's collector market. A very special visit to the Louis Marx landfill, the legendary "Elephant's Graveyard" of unfinished toys. This volume runs 46 minutes. Hosted by Rusty Kern.

Star Wars: Underworld TPB

Price: 9.57

When three Hutts place a wager on who can raise the most successful squad of henchmen to procure a highly valuable, mythical treasure, the most conniving rogues of the Star Wars Universe are recruited. Following a lead provided by Jozzel Moffet, a Hutt's majordomo, three teams set out to be the first to find the mysterious Yavin Vassilika. Boba Fett, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, Dengar, IG-88, and others square off to decide who is the best scoundrel in the galaxy! They're hot on each other's trails, trying to stay alive and one step ahead of the pack. Meanwhile, the seductive Jozzel Moffet, wanting to free herself from a life of Hutt-washing, is moonlighting for a secret fourth investor and is hoping to get the Vassilika from whichever team is left standing! Available worldwide from Dark Horse Comics (available in the UK from Titan)

Otto Porfiri: Drama on the Cliff GN

Price: 5.97

Portly and good-natured, Otto Porfiri may not look the part of a hard-as-nails private eye, but don't be fooled. He may abhor violence, but when circumstances require a little mayhem, Porfiri rises to the occasion, in spades! As relentless as he is rotund, Porfiri is often drawn into the scandalous world of the decadent rich, a hidden landscape of sex, drugs, blackmail...and murder! Created by Franco Saudelli, reknowned internationally for his intricate and often highly erotic work, Otto Porfiri: Drama on the Cliff is another eye-opening Venture graphic album, published in collaboration with Strip Art Features, and available for the first time in an English-language edition!

Archie Americana Series TPB Vol. 05 Best of the 80s

Price: 9.85

The awesome eighties -- a time when pop culture inevitably ruled America as a former actor rose to become the nation's President! Perhaps more than any other decade, the good economy provided America's youth with more disposable income than ever, allowing them to dive head first into the latest fads and fashions. Ever timeless, Archie and his friends came along for the ride, engaging both the energy and excitement of the times with their unique brand of humor, as only they could! Journey back with us now in this eagerly anticipated volume. Experience the "punk" movement as it shakes up Riverdale! Relive the "Urban Cowboy" craze! Behold the rise of MTV! Witness the emergence of preppie, new wave and "Flashdance" fashions! Play along with "Trivial Pursuit"! Gaze at popular '80s movies and TV shows! Boogie with Archie and the gang at the roller disco and laugh again at the antics of America's number one teenagers!

DC Archives - Atom HC Vol. 01

Price: 29.97

In the 1960s, following the successful revival of The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman, DC's legendary editor of the time, Julie Schwartz, turned his attention to another classic DC Character -- the Atom -- giving the diminutive hero an exciting new Silver Age spin! The first daring adventures of Ray Palmer, the science-hero who could shrink in size (thanks to his belt of White Dwarf Star material), are presented in THE ATOM ARCHIVES Volume 1 -- a 224-page hardcover reprinting SHOWCASE #34-36 and THE ATOM #1-5 (first published in 1961-1963). Written by Gardner Fox, with art and cover by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson, this volume features an introduction by Les Daniels, author of The Complete History line of books. THE ATOM ARCHIVES Volume 1 details the Atom's exciting origin and features appearances by JLA mascot "Snapper" Carr, the villainous time-bending Chronos, and the debut of Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man -- who would later appear in Alan Moore's Classic SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING......

Legend of Mother Sarah: Tunnel Town TPB

Price: 11.37

Orbiting serenely above a long-ago poisoned earth, the last bastion of human civilization is the space colonies. After a terrorist attack, the colonists are forced into exile on the blighted planet below. In the confusion, a young mother is separated from her family and is flung into a bleak, uncertain future . . . But Sarah will not rest until she finds her children. Katsuhiro Otomo has explored the dark side of the psyche with Domu and the corruption that comes with absolute power in Akira . Now Otomo has set his sights on the enduring power of hope. Welcome to The Legend of Mother Sarah . This volume collects all eight issues this compelling series, one of the finest ever produced.

Transmetropolitan TPB Vol. 5: Lonely City

Price: 11.99

Being a bastard works. The City can be a lonely place -- especially for famed journalist Spider Jerusalem, despised and loved in equal measure (and with equal ferocity) by The City's wealthy elite and its downtrodden rabble. But in a town where anything can be bought, stolen, or manufactured, the truth is still in short supply, and Jerusalem is the one man determined to keep it on the market -- no matter what the price. Ripped from the headlines of tomorrow, writer Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson's acclaimed TRANSMETROPOLITAN has become one of the few indispensable comics of the new millennium. Featuring an introduction by Patrick Stewart. This book collects: Transmetropolitan #s 25-30

Bizarro Comics HC

Price: 23.96

Don't Read This! Hey! Why are you reading this? You're wasting your time! You could be enjoying the work of the world's greatest alternative cartoonists, inside this big fat book. No, instead, you're just gonna keep staring at this description, and it's only gonna say that these are wild and uninhibited stories of all the great DC Comics heroes (Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Justice League?) interpreted by a brand-new way that's strictly... Bizarro.

Wonder Woman TPB: Second Genesis

Price: 7.96

While in Gateway City Wonder Woman is captured and tortured by Darkseid and Desaad. What do they want? What information could Wonder Woman have that Darkseid finds it necessary to come to Earth? To find the current whereabouts of the Olympian Gods Darkseid and his parademons will lay waste to Themyscria. Only Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons stand between him and total victory!

Luck in the Head GN

Price: 7.17

This eerie and visually arresting tale is set in the grotesque city of Uroconium, where Ardwick Crome dreams of a strange ritual from his childhood. The women of his village pursue a "lamb"; to eat a pie made from its head is considered good luck. But in his dream, the living animal itself is offered to Ardwick Crome, and the gift's significance makes it too dangerous to accept... In that city and at that age of the world, it would have been safer for Crome to seek the source of his dream within his heart. Instead he went out and searched for it in Uroconium.

Fanboy TPB

Price: 7.77

Delusional fantasy has never been so entertaining! The mind of a comic-book enthusiast is an active place, and no one demonstrates that better than Finster, the ultimate comics fan. His is the classic story of struggle, heartbreak and redemption - a story that will touch the heart of anyone who ever passed out from reading under their covers with a flashlight for too long. A story called - Fanboy. Finally available in a single volume, Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones creation Fanboy brings together a staggering array of comics' most legendary artists - from the Golden Age to the Postmodern - for a celebration of everything that makes comics great. From the far reaches of the galaxy to Saturday night's high school dance, join Finster as he battles the forces of censorship, social ostracism, and shoplifting in his never-ending quest to rid the universe of super-villany... and get a date! This book collects: Fanboy #s 1-6

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