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Shadow Star Vol. 1 TPB

Price: 9.57

From a dying planet shall come the children of light...While on vacation on a small island, young Shiina Tamai dives under the water near an old shrine and discovers an unearthly starfish-like creature. She nearly drowns but is rescued by the silent, wide-eyed little animal, who Shiina befriends and names Hoshimaru. To Shiina's surprise and delight, the creature changes shape, lets Shiina stand on him, and the two fly off into the clouds. But what looks to be a young girl's ultimate fantasy soon takes a darker turn as Shiina and Hoshimaru become entangled in a struggle between rival extraterrestrial factions who battle in the skies upon huge alien beasts called Shadow Dragons, with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance.

Video Noire TPB

Price: 5.97

A seedy private eye is hideously murdered after taking tawdry, career-threatening photos of the beautiful host of a popular children's show. When the P.I.'s associate searches for the answers behind his friend's killing, he is drawn into a netherworld he never imagined existed and discovers truths he wishes he'd never found. Penned by CyberSix creator Carlos Trillo and illustrated by acclaimed 100 Bullets artist Eduardo Risso, Video Noire is a taut, hard-edged journey into violent passions, forbidden obsessions...and ancient evil. Video Noire is another exciting Venture graphic album, published in collaboration with Strip Art Features, and available for the first time in an English-language edition!

Hitman TPB Vol. 5: Who Dares Wins

Price: 10.36

Tommy Monaghan, the Hitman, has always called the shots and who be hits, and where. But you hit the wrong guy -- and there's hell to pay! Hitman: Who Dares Wins ups the ante as Tommy and Natt find themselves targeted by the S.A.S. (Special Air Services) and Don Ferretti (Men's Room Louie). The sparks fly on Tommy's heels as he tries to avoid the BIG HIT that's coming down on him. This time it's not only a matter of business, but of honor as well. Plus -- the story you thought you'd never see: the Hitman gets a conscience!!

DC Archives - All Star Comics HC Vol. 07

Price: 39.96

As America extricated itself from the horrors of World War II, its desire for escapist reading remained undiminished, and ALL STAR COMICS -- the original "super-team book" -- entered its sixth year of publication, with the heroes of the Justice Society of America continuing to face diverse and deadly dangers. Those adventures are re-presented here in ALL STAR COMICS ARCHIVES Volume 7, a 216-page hardcover that features an introduction by Roy Thomas and reprints ALL STAR COMICS #29-33. Thrill as the JSA confronts Landor, the man from the future, whose super-science seems like magic to his foes! Gasp as the JSA is tricked by its nemesis Brain Wave into becoming human guinea pigs! Tremble at the secret of Willie Wonder and his terrible toys! Shudder to feel the revenge of the undead monster Solomon Grundy! And shriek at the return of the Psycho-Pirate! ALL STAR COMICS ARCHIVES Volume 7 features stories written by the legendary Gardner Fox, with art by Joe Kubert, Paul Reinman, Martin Naydel, Stan......

Cerebus TPB Vol. 14: Form and Void

Price: 24.00

In the concluding half of the "Going Home" storyline, meet Ham Ernestway, the only writer capable of turning Cerebus into a complete drooling fanboy. Ham and his wife Mary guide Cerebus and Jaka along The Chesmi River Trail, north to Sand Hills Creek, Cerebus' boyhood home. Includes the collected notes on Form and Void, "To Ham and Ham Not." Reprints Cerebus #251-265.

Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt TPB

Price: 11.96

Meet Joe Matt. He's a talented cartoonist with strong ideas about how life should be lived. He makes no apologies and never compromises. Well, almost never. Actually, Joe Matt is a painfully honest fellow who doesn't mind admitting -- in print, in cartoon form -- that he has one or two flaws. Minor ones. Meet Joe Matt. He's neurotic, Compulsive, cheap, self-absorbed -- human. And funny.

Age of Bronze TPB Vol. 1: A Thousand Ships

Price: 15.96

"I'm going to Troy!" With these simple words, the poor cowherd Paris lights the fire which will become one of the most famous conflagrations of all time - the legendary Trojan War. When Paris reaches the magnificent city of Troy, he discovers a lifelong secret hidden from him by Troy's king, Priam. From that moment Paris begins a daring journey that will lead him to the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Sparta. Helen's fateful decision to forsake her homeland and join Paris brings sorrow to thousands - among them Helen's husband, Menelaus, deserted without cause or explanation - the young king Odysseus, who faces decades of separation from his wife and infant son - and priestess Thetis, whose son, Achilles, must choose between long life at home and glorious death battling before Troy. Drawn from the myths and legends of centuries, A Thousand Ships presents anew for the twenty-first century the complete prelude to the Trojan War - each sensual touch, every savage blow, the......

Star Trek: Debt of Honor TPB

Price: 11.96

Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise find themselves teamed with the Klingons and Romulans to fight a galactic threat that no government dares admit exists... A stunning 96-page adventure, celebrating Star Trek 's ongoing legacy by the top talents in the comics business today.

Simpsons Comics: Bartman - Best of the Best TPB

Price: 9.56

Life for a superhero isn't all Mr. Sparkle boxes and BoneStorm video games in Springfield. See what happens when Bartman faces the Penalizer, and poorly enhanced comic books. Also buckle your seatbelts for the mind-shattering "When Bongos Collide" Crossover event with more superheros than you can toss Gabbo at. The Bartman - Best of the Best TPB collects selected stories from issues of Bartman #s 1, 2 and 3, Itchy & Scratchy #3, and Simpsons Comics #5.

Star Trek: The Best of the Next Generation TPB

Price: 15.96

Since 1988, DC Comics has proudly published all-new adventures based on the smash hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, for the first time, the very best of those stories are collected in this single volume. There's the test of wills between Captain Picard and the enigmatic Q, as the past is "corrected" with disastrous results. Commander Riker is reunited with an old flame who has risked her command to halt alien invaders. Counselor Troi and Dr. Crusher embark on a spiritual journey. Geordi La Forge must protect the crew from a deadly threat brought aboard by an old friend. Featuring some of the best art and stories found in comics today, this volume celebrates creator Gene Roddenberry's vision of a better tomorrow.

Jar of Fools TPB

Price: 13.56

Is there a magic trick for mending broken hearts? Ernie is an alcoholic stage magician haunted by lost love and his brother's suicide. He's hooked up with his senile mentor in a last ditch effort to sort his life out. Esther is numb with grief, working a dead end job while her heart atrophies. Nathan Lender is a small time grifter living on his wits and in a car with his twelve-year-old daughter, Claire. These people have run out of escape tricks and when chance brings them together they discover that love can perform miracles. A meditation on love and loss, magic and dreams.

Aliens vs. Predator / Witchblade / Darkness: Mindhunter TPB

Price: 7.77

Jackie Estacado, a mob hitman possessing a mysterious, malevolent force known as the Darkness, and New York Police Detective Sara Pezzini, wielding an equally mysterious weapon, the Witchblade, are abducted and trapped in a realm of illusory violence and bottomless time. Forming an unsteady alliance, they rip through layers of false realities to discover that they're imprisoned on a huge, living spacecraft high in Earth's orbit -- an ever-changing prison ship controlled by the mind of a madman. Their fellow inmates? Swarms of Aliens and a female Predator with a jones for the Witchblade's power! How could things be worse? Throw a Darkling/Alien hybrid in the mix! Collecting the three-issue series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol. 9: Autumnal TPB

Price: 5.97

Buffy is being stalked by a creature intent on killing her so that it can bring about the end of the world. So, what else is new? The only person who can save her is a Slayer who should have died a long time ago. Confused? Well, so are Buffy and the gang. If that's not weird enough, what's she to make of a backpack full of maggots? How about a herd of rats that overrun the cafeteria just as she's sitting down to eat? Just how much can Buffy take before she gets totally grossed out? Chris Boal, Tom Fassbender, and Jim Pascoe join B uffy artists Cliff Richards and Joe Pimentel to bring you two tales of revenge and retribution. Collecting issues #26-28 of the ongoing series.

Superman TPB: Exile

Price: 11.96

Compelled by remorse and guilt over his greatest personal failure, Superman, Earth's greatest hero, sees no alternative but to leave his adopted home forever. Now, in the vastness of space, the Man of Steel is about to learn the true meaning of the world alone. This book collects: Superman Vol. 2 #s 28-30 and 32-33 Adventures of Superman #s 451-456 Action Comics #643 Action Comics Annual #2

Too Much Coffee Man #1 Sticker (Black with Skull mug)

Price: 1.19

We took some of the best Dark Horse characters and made 'em really sticky. This month we bring you two more stickers from the world's strongest man. Stick 'em on your backpacks, books, and buddies! Stick up your doors, desks, and dorms! Stick it! Stickers sold individually.

Too Much Coffee Man #2 Sticker (LOVE)

Price: 1.19

We took some of the best Dark Horse characters and made 'em really sticky. This month we bring you two more stickers from the world's strongest man. Stick 'em on your backpacks, books, and buddies! Stick up your doors, desks, and dorms! Stick it! Stickers sold individually.

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