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A Gambler's Story

Price: 10.99

Produced Wong Jing, A Gambler's Story is yet another movie on his favorite topic, gambling. But this story is different from his previous tales in that it doesn't glorify gambling. An excellent script and the marvelous performance of Francis Ng also help set it apart.

Love Letter (Japan Version-English Subtitles)

Price: 54.99

Director Iwai Shunji achieved massive commercial success with Love Letter, an achingly sentimental and poetic film about love both lost and found. TV drama queen Nakayama Miho stars as Watanabe Hiroko, a young woman who has not yet recovered from the loss of her fiance Fujii Itsuki two years earlier. While visiting Itsuki's mother, she discovers his old yearbook. She writes a short, simple letter to Itsuki and sends it to the demolished school's former address. She doesn't intend for the letter to reach anyone, and instead hopes that the act of writing it will help ease her own pain. But surprisingly, she gets a response! The recipient is another person named Fujii Itsuki, a female who actually went to the same school as Hiroko's fiance. The two women continue to correspond, and the memories they share with one another bring Hiroko ever closer to finding closure. But will she ever recover enough to meet this other Fujii Itsuki? Co-starring popular Japanese actor Toyokawa Etsushi, Love Letter is a heartfelt and utterly affecting motion picture that fully demonstrates Iwai Shunji's masterful ability to bring intimate human emotions to the screen. Set against the picturesque backdrop of rural Hokkaido, Love Letter is a stunningly beautiful and even magical motion picture.

STARS (Japan Version)

Price: 14.75

STARS (Japan Version)

GOD Vol. 4 - Chapter 4

Price: 13.99

The release of G.O.D.'s latest album "GOD Vol. 4" was delayed a few months after member Park Joon Hyung went AWOL. Park almost got kicked out of the band because of this, but luckily, in the end the record company gave in to pressure from the other members and the fans. With the fiasco now behind them, under the guidance of their producer Park Jin Young, G.O.D. has been working hard for this album, making it one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Timeless Sleep (Japan Version)

Price: 15.25

Timeless Sleep (Japan Version)

Leon 'Music Movies' Collection Directed By: L.L.

Price: 18.49

With this "Leon 'Music Movies' Collection," not only will you own the MTVs of twelve of Leon's hottest singles, you will also get the Karaoke of ten of those twelve songs. Now, not only can you watch him do his things, you can sing along with him, too.

Bae Ho Collection

Price: 28.99

Bae Ho Collection

Calla (Hong Kong Version)

Price: 10.99

One day Sun Woo (Song Seung Heon) walks into the flower shop in which Ji Hee (Kim Hee Sun) works and falls madly in love with her. Soon after the encounter, he starts to receive a bundle of "Calla" every morning from an anonymous sender, and he believes that it can be none other than Ji Hee. Finally, Sun Woo decides to put his cards on the table and confess his love for Ji Hee, but she passes away in a shockingly tragic incident before he has the change. Three years later, Sun Woo, still unable to let go of Ji Hee, returns to the fateful spot where everything took place. As he breaks down into tears, he is suddenly transported back in time and given the chance to stop the past tragedy from happening.

Dragon''s Claws

Price: 10.99

Revenge is the order of the day in Dragon's Claws, an independent kung-fu actioner from well-regarded martial arts director Joseph Kuo! Liu Chia Yung is Lung Hsia, a skilled martial artist who's nevertheless afraid of toads! When his father, chief of the Dragon Boxing Clan, dies in a battle with mysterious fighter Ling Ko Feng (Wong Ching Lee), it falls upon Lung Hsia to defend the family honor and prevent the Dragon Boxing Clan's Golden Tablet from falling into Ling Ko Feng's hands! But Ling Ko Feng has a reason for taking on the Lung Hsia's family, and will stop at nothing until he has possession of the Golden Tablet! Featuring a satisfying revenge yarn, tough action seqeuences, and a charismatic turn by the villainous Wong Ching Lee, Dragon's Claws qualifies as another standout kung-fu flick from the prolific Joseph Kuo!

I am... (Japan Version)

Price: 37.25

Hamasaki Ayumi's long awaited album is here! Since last December, with her release of 'M' to her song 'Dearest,' released in September, this album has it all! It also includes her yet to be unreleased singles, and the TV Commercial song that has fans stirring up everywhere! Hamasaki Ayumi has also involved herself in production of her songs, and guarantees to bring you another mega-hit!

Click here for A VISUAL MIX (Japan Version)

'Brand New Image' Music Videos Karaoke Collection DVD

Price: 16.99

Get this Karaoke DVD and sing along with Cecilia. Twenty of her hit singles, including "Brand New Image," "Kissing Goodbye," "Destination" and "A Different Me" can be found on this DVD.


Price: 11.99


Il Mare (Hong Kong Version)

Price: 10.99

From director Lee Hyun Seung comes Il Mare, the 2000 time-travel romance featuring My Sassy Girl's Jeon Ji Hyun in a starring role! This touching sci-fi love story centers on Han Seong Hyun (Lee Jung Jae, from Typhoon and Last Present), an accomplished architect who moves into his father's beach house, only to find himself put in the most extraordinary of circumstances. After dubbing the place "Il Mare" ("The Sea" in Italian), Seong Hyun receives a mysterious letter from a woman named Kim Eun Joo (Jeon Ji Hyun). Strangely, the letter is addressed to the person who will live in Il Mare after Eun Joo leaves, a puzzling statement considering the fact that Seong Hyun is the very first person to ever live in the house!

Believing it to be some sort of a prank or perhaps just a misunderstanding, Seong Hyun initially disregards the anomaly, only to find himself drawn into correspondence with Eun Joo. But as the two begin conversing through exchanged letters, they eventually discover that their situation is as remarkable as it is downright unbelievable. It seems that Eun Joo is actually living in 1999, a full two years ahead of the time in which Seong Hyun resides! Disbelief gives way to amusement and intrigue as the two continue their correspondence, eventually falling for one another. But when these two strangers decide to meet up, they soon discover something that neither quite expected. Will there be a happy ending for these two? Can love cross the boundary of time? Find out in Il Mare, the award-winning Korean film that inspired the 2006 U.S. remake starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock!

Kiki's Delivery Service (Hong Kong Version) ~ (DVD)

Price: 22.49

Renowned animation house Studio Ghibli and director Miyazaki Hayao offer a different kind of coming-of-age tale with Kiki's Delivery Service. Based on the children's book by Kadono Eiko, Miyazaki's much-beloved youth romance follows the journey of a 13-year-old witch-in-training who goes to the big city and becomes an entrepreneur by starting her own delivery service. While the story is pure fantasy, Kiki's Delivery Service is an enchanting, but down-to-earth tale about finding confidence in yourself and the magic of young love. After winning multiple awards in Japan, Kiki's also set a new record for the highest-grossing animated theatrical release in Japanese cinema history - until Miyazaki beat his own record three years later with Porco Rosso.

When a witch reaches 13 years old, she must go off and live alone for a year. For her training, Kiki takes off to the port city Koriko with her best friend, a black cat named Jiji. After a difficult start, Kiki manages to make friends and even start a delivery service that takes advantage of her flying abilities. She is also pursued by Tombo, a teenager who is an aviation enthusiast and intrigued by Kiki's powers. One day, in the biggest crisis of her young life, Kiki suddenly loses her flying powers and the ability to talk to Jiji. Will Kiki be able to get her powers back?

This edition includes the video clip "Ursula no e", storyboards (picture-in-picture mode), and trailers.

Start Selection

Price: 18.49

Sun Yunzi's "Start Selection" is a collection of 12 of hers and her fans' favorite songs.

I am... (Taiwan Version)

Price: 19.49

Hamasaki Ayumi's long awaited album is here! Since last December, with her release of 'M' to her song 'Dearest,' released in September, this album has it all! It also includes her yet to be unreleased singles, and the TV Commercial song that has fans stirring up everywhere! Hamasaki Ayumi has also involved herself in production of her songs, and guarantees to bring you another mega-hit!

Click here for A VISUAL MIX (Japan Version)

Click here for the HOT single A Song Is Born with Keiko from globe


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