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Alpha Dream Perfume

Alfa Maschio

Price: 54.50
Alpha Dream

Alfa Maschio for men that love women: Our alpha male formula for use by the sexually charged male the proverbial macho man to attract the alpha female. Provoke the impulsive.This formula is best suited for men with dynamic aggressive personalities that want to attract energetic like-minded women. As our premier alpha male formula this product will empower your alpha experience and enhance your alpha aura: allowing confident women to take notice of you and be more attracted to you. As well the alpha aura will cause other men to know you as the leader and respect you as an alpha male.


Price: 49.50
Alpha Dream

Women love a sensitive man. Show her your truth with this unique formula designed for the sensitive male. Let her know you're for real. This product contains a 'beta-male' formula which is best suited for men who are less aggressive and looking for meaningful relationships with women. Certo will embolden your sense of confidence and create an aura of trust and male youth. Women who are laid-back will appreciate the relaxed vibe. This product is especially useful for promoting long-term relationships and for the revelation of a woman's innermost secrets and emotion.

L'uomo Amore

Price: 59.50
Alpha Dream

Excelling in competition - that is the love between men that can make a city state . . . for men only. This product is custom tailored for men who love men: reinvigorate your sex life with this powerful innovation which increases sexual excitation and passion while also releasing the burden of inhibition. This formula is designed to relax both you and your man and while promoting intense eroticism.

Alfa Donna

Price: 54.50
Alpha Dream

Our alpha woman formula for use by the sexually charged woman to attract the alpha male. Be irresistible. This formula is most suitable for energetic sexy younger women who wish to leave men begging for her digits: Alfa Donna enriches your natural pheromone signature with synthetic pheromones which are far more powerful than nature had ever intended: it will empower an intensely magnetic aura about you when in close proximity to males and they will become entranced by how they feel around you.


Price: 44.50
Alpha Dream

Our elixir of love. For the ladies looking for that special guy. Slow it down for the woman that wants more. This formula is best suited for younger women who are looking for or looking to keep their soul-mate. Achar empowers a less magnetic reaction initially yet excels in the long-run: it is for women who are looking for their knight in shining amour: a man who will be sweet and hold them steady. If security commitment and true love are what you seek in a man then this product is for you. Spray on Achar to keep the home fires burning.


Price: 64.50
Alpha Dream

40 is the new 20. Well-being comes with experience and this formula. You are fine wine . . . for the older woman that's still got it. Younger men can find older women irresistible. If you are an older woman who desires a powerful rapport with younger men then you have found your fountain of youth. This product is the most powerful pheromone blend for genetic women: it causes men to perceive you as more youthful beautiful and vigilant. (Older men like these qualities just as well) Lastly Charme was designed to strongly turn you on while wearing the formula causing you to be more confident and self assured . . . as if you needed more.

Donna Amore

Price: 64.50
Alpha Dream

Move over boys! Try our exclusive formula for women only. Our girl-girl formula Donna Amore is designed to evoke emotion and bolster intimacy among women. This formula contains advanced synthetic pheromones that promote women to women intimacy feelings in kin ship and heightened sensuality.


Price: 54.50
Alpha Dream

A first of its kind. Experiment with this revolutionary new formula designed to help enhance a transwoman's pheromone signature. Compel the man that loves what is unique. Though many men will not openly acknowledge their attraction to the third sex social studies have shown that once prodded most men will admit to the irresistible attractiveness of the exotique woman. This formula is designed to be worn by transwomen to bring out her unique female pheromone signature making her appear even more amazing. Research with this new formula has been met with great satisfaction. Note: This formulation is meant to be worn by women in transition.


Price: 54.50
Alpha Dream

Boost your social status. Get in the mix and put them all at ease in your own state for grace. Create the network with Glace and open the doors to new connections.Human beings are social creatures. Everyone needs to be accepted well liked and feel connected. If you are shy or just want to enhance sociability Glace will allow for you to break through the ice and bring out the best in yourself as well as those who surround you making conversations more fluid in your presence. Show your truest colors.


Price: 99.50
Alpha Dream

Corporativo . . . a first of it's kind this novel innovation is engineered to bring pheromones into the corporate office: relaxing the wearer and inspiring an aura of trust and respect while promoting fluidity of communication. For men and women. This product was designed with one central objective: through the use of human pheromone technology promote the most valuable psychological response in corporate environments - environments which can be incredibly tense hostile and uncertain. By empowering the wearer with serenity and by subconsciously signaling to others their favorable attributes Corporativo can open new worlds of opportunity.


Alpha Dream Perfume
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